May 2015 – Issue 191

Page  3     What Astrology Can Do For Your Life : by Norvell

                                              Understanding Your Taurus Child

                                              Understanding Your Gemini Child

Page  4      Let No Man Put You Down ~ Alec Christos Gabbitas

Page  6     Power and Totem Animals ~ Adam Barralet

Page  7    Crossword No. 54 ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell & Jessie Naudi 

Page  8    Crystals and Gemstones ~ Adam Barralet

Page 10   God Is Pure Intelligence ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Page 11   Who Are You? ~ Deepak Chopra

Page 12   Divine Changemakers Navigate The Subtle Path ~ Selacia 

Page 13   White Eagle Wisdom ~ Stella Polaris Vol. 41:3 April-May 1992

                                                       White Eagle Taurus Soul Lesson

                                                       White Eagle Gemini Soul Lesson

Page 14  From Birth To Beyond (Pt. 2) ~ Silver Birch

Page 16  Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind (3/3) ~ Sandy Stevenson

Page 18  ‘Big Dreamer’ Rockingham Castaways Sculpture by Sara Urban

Page 20  Wisdom From An Avatar (Pt. 51) 

                                                              ~ Bethesda, Courtesy Frank Weaver

Page 22   Letters To ‘The Unexplained’ ~ Mysteries of Mind Space & Time 82

Page 28   Ruby’s Spirit Messages ~ Received through Jackie Lindsay

Page 30   Comfort For The Bereaved ~ excerpts from ‘Unfinished Business’

                                                                                                      by James Van Praagh

Page 32   ‘Father Forgets’ ~ A Condensed story in an old Readers Digest

Page 33    Animals and Ascension ~ through Hannah Beaconsfield 

Page 34  Healthy Philosophies To Live By ~ Courtesy of Mary Kerr

Page 35   Humour: ‘How To Install A Home Security System in

                                                                             True Aussie Style’   plus more jokes….

Page 36    Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale…