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‘Universal Mind’ was registered in Perth, Western Australia in March 1998, as a Spiritual Enlightenment monthly magazine. It has been running continuously for over 25 years now, being edited, published & printed in Rockingham Western Australia by Editor Jan Cartwright.

The magazine is published with the intention to share and make available Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom to all seekers on the spiritual path.

Did you know that our contributions come from far and wide? This is with thanks to the amazing technology of computers and internet to hasten communications around the world. Some (Spiritual) books may also be reviewed and promoted.

We have an assortment of interesting articles each month, to bring the reader a variety of fascinating stories, some channellings etc., to open our mind spiritually, and help see life from a different perspective.

Also prevalent, and very necessary, are articles to bring comfort for the bereaved and those grieving, be it for humans or pets. This always brings positive feedback from readers around the globe expressing gratitude through the understanding and healing that these articles have brought about.

We often include stories of children who remember and recall vivid details of their past lives. There are also stories of UFO’s and extraterrestrial experiences,
crop circle phenomena and many other thought-provoking topics.

Interspersed throughout the magazine are inspiring quotations, and as humour is a panacea of many ills, we share necessary down-to-earth jokes and humour to keep our feet firmly on the ground, as we learn our earthly lessons.

‘Universal Mind’ magazine is out for sale in the shops at the beginning of each month, except January, when we have a break. The last issue covers both December and January. Thereafter each issue comes out monthly.  Each new year starting from February. (Advert deadline 15th Jan)

NOTE: The Advert deadline is 15th of the month.  It is with pleasure that we offer to make up adverts for you at no extra cost, providing the same advert is not used in any other publication other than ‘Universal Mind’.

Note: All adverts must be paid in advance prior to the printing.

All payments,  Direct Debit to be made to ‘Universal Mind’ please.

PO Box 765,
Western Australia 6168

Business hours: Tel: (08) 9528 4418        Email:

Universal Mind Subscriptions
6 Months 12 Months
Within Australia $45.00 $90.00

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