June 2015 – Issue 192

Page  3     What Astrology Can Do For Your Life : by Norvell

                                              Understanding Your Gemini Child

                                              Understanding Your Cancer Child

Page  4     The Birth of the Hymn ‘Precious Lord’ ~ Tommy Dorsey

Page  6     Power and Totem Animals ~ Adam Barralet

Page  8    Crystals and Gemstones ~ Adam Barralet

Page 10   An Abraham Channelling ~ Received through Raymond Gordon

Page 12   Reincarnation Stories ~ Excerpts from ‘Children Who Have

                                                                                      Lived Before’  by Trutz Hardo 

Page 15  The Nature of the Soul ~ Owen Waters

Page 16  The Haunted ‘Hill Hines’ Tavern, Hamel, Western Australia  

                                                                                      ~ by Sherryn Holmes 

Page 18  The Great Sphinx of Giza : New Theories Uncovered  

                                   ~ by Ivan, (Earth We Are One) http://ewao.com.org

Page 19   The Mysterious ‘Gate of the Gods’ at Hayu Marca, Peru 

                        ~ also by Ivan, (Earth We Are One) http://ewao.com.org

Page 20   Ruby’s Spirit Messages ~ Received through Jackie Lindsay

Page 22   Books: ‘From A Chrysalis’  plus ‘The Wisdom Well’  

                               Excerpts from her life experiences, by Olive Wraight 

Page 24  Wisdom from Anthony de Mello S.J.

Page 28   Wisdom from an Avatar (Pt. 52) ~ Bethesda

                                                                        ~ Courtesy of Frank Weaver

Page 30   Serenity is ‘Knowing’ Peace ~ The Buddha

                                                              ~ Received through Susan Leland

Page 31   Spiritual Healers: Do They Know What They’re Doing?

                                            by M.H. Tester, ‘Two Worlds’  November 1985

Page 32   Why Did You Take My Son? ~ Ann Andrews story of Abduction

                                                         by Mary Rodwell, ACERN

Page 34    Crossword No. 55 ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell & Jessie Naudi

Page 35   A Humorous Look at the Laws of….   plus more jokes….

Page 36   Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale…