September 2014 Issue 184

Page 3        Heavenletters ~ Gloria Wendroff

                     White Eagle Sayings & Affirmations : Libra Soul Lesson 

                     Libra Characteristics ~ Sylvia Browne              

Page       Letting Go of Letting Go ~ Alec Christos Gabbitas

Page 6       The Difference Between Fasting & Living On Light

                                                                                      ~ Sandy Stevenson 

                     The Dalai Lama’s Address on ‘Religious Wars’

Page 8       Crystals & Gemstones ~ Adam Barralet

Page 10      doTERRA Pure Essential Oils (Pt. 1) ~ Helen & Mark Shaw

Page 12     A Celebration of the life of Margaret Ingham, Armadale WA

                                                                                                                 – Eulogy

Page 15    Power and Totem Animals ~ Adam Barralet

Page 16   Wisdom from an Avatar (Pt. 44) ~ Bethesda,

                                                                                 Courtesy of Frank Weaver

Page 18    25 Characteristics you may find in those who are Spiritually

                     Awakening ~ Josh Richardson, ‘Prevent Disease’

Page 20   Pleiadian Info on the new Earth Energies ~ Raymond Gordon

Page 22    Crossword No. 47 ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell & Jessie Naudi

Page 22    The Game of Life, and How to Play it. (Pt. 4/4)

                                                        ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Page 30   A Soul’s Journey ~ Rev. Bessie Height, Narrogian WA

Page 31   The Third Eye ~ Excerpts ‘Almanac of the Uncanny’ Reader’s Digest

Page 32    Comfort for the Bereaved : (1) Visits from her ‘dead’ Cat.

                   (2)  In The Australian Outback ~ ‘Is Your Pet Psychic’

                   by Richard Webster,  (3) Grandad, Guardian Angel

                   Excerpts from ‘Families Are Forever’Cassandra Eason

                   (4)  Love for his Dog.  ~ ‘The Unexplained’

Page 33    Wisdom from Anthony de Mello S.J.                                   

Page 34     Lightstream ~ September 2014 ~ Alexandria Walsh-Roberts

Page 35     Humour Page: ‘Laughter Is The Best Medicine’   plus more jokes…

Page 36     Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale….