November 2019 Issue 240

Page  3    Wisdom from White Eagle

Page  4     Explanation of the present ‘Draining Energies’                                                                       ~ Archangel Michael through Raymond Gordon

Page  6    Intuition and Divining ~ David Kennett, Perth WA

Page  8    We Are Destined To Make A Difference : Quantum Awakening                                                                               ~ Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Page 10  Crossword 103 – Compiled by Isabella Russell, Benora Point NSW

Page 11  Spirit Healing : The Story of Harry Edwards  Part 2

Page 14  Living Our Life On Earth ~ Sandy Stevenson, Palm Beach Qld

Page 16  The Problems of Healing ~ Silver Birch Teachings                                                         A Spirit’s View of God ~ Silver Birch Teachings

Page 18  The Tangible Mystery of Crop Formations ~                                                                         Colin Andrews Website and Michael Glickman Website

Page 24  A Spirit Interview with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart                                                                            through Patrick De Haan ©  ‘The Committee’

Page 26  Wisdom of an Avatar (Pt 19) : Bethesda ~ Courtesy of Frank Weaver

Page 28  ‘Watching Over Us’ ~ James Van Praagh ©

Page 30  On Suicide by Dawn French © ~ Jackie & Jim Lindsay archives

Page 32  The First Flying Saucers ~ ‘UFOs Over The Southern Hemisphere’                                                                                             by Michael Hervey (1969)

Page 35  Humour Page: ‘Today’s Internet Romances’  + more jokes

Page 36  Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ magazines are available for sale…