June 2016 – Issue 202

Page  3      Understanding Your Own Astrological Traits : by Norvell     

                                                              Gemini Traits & Cancer Traits

Page  4      Children and their Spirit Guides ~ Sylvia Browne

Page  6      Crystals and Gemstones  ~ Adam Barralet     

                     The Angels & Gemstone Guardian Cards: Margaret Ann Lembo

                                          Gemstone: Apatite  & The Angel of Digestion 

Page 8      Let’s Just Get On With It ! ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Page 10     Get Swinging – With a Pendulum Or Rod ~ Florence E. Petit

Page 11     Amazing Communication Gifts From The Spirits

                                                      ~ Reader’s Digest ‘Almanac of the Uncanny’

Page 12     Transits of Pluto ~ Chris Lambert                 

Page 14    ‘Stuck Between The Heart and The Mind’

                                     A Chapter from ‘Blissfully Dead’ by  Melita Harvey

Page 16  The Extraordinary World of Remote Viewing &

                                                      Out-Of-Body Experiences ~ James F. Coyle

Page 18   ‘Ghosts Among Us’ Excerpts ~ James Van Praagh 

Page 21   Crossword No. 65   ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell    

Page 22   Ruby’s Spirit Messages ~  Jackie & Jim Lindsay   

Page 24   White Eagle Sayings and Affirmations, Gemini & Cancer

Page 28   Leslie Flint : UK Direct Voice Medium Pt. 1   

                                                                 ~ The Leslie Flint Educational Trust 

Page 30   Wisdom From An Avatar (Pt. 62)    

                                                       ~ Bethesda, Courtesy of Frank Weaver 

Page 32    Comfort For The Bereaved  ~ White Eagle’s Little Book of Comfort 

Page 34   Born Again, And Again, And Again… ~ Owen K. Waters

                   Riddles of Reincarnation : New Body, Old Soul ~

                                                             Reader’s Digest  Almanac of the Uncanny’

Page 35    ‘Humorous Bloopers in Church Newsletters & Church Services ‘                                                                           plus more jokes …

Page 36    Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale…