February 2018 – Issue 220

 Page  3   Understanding Astrological Cusp Signs : Capricorn/Aquarius 

                                                          & Aquarius/Pisces ~ by Bridget

Page  4   New Year Resolutions: Are They Worth The Effort?

                                                                                                       ~ Charles Irwin

Page 6   “….And A Bright New Year”   ~ Peggy Mason             

Page 8   Children Who Are Reborn As The Opposite Sex ~ Trudz Hardo

Page  5   Crystals and Gemstones ~ Adam Barralet

Page 10  The Numerology of House Numbers ~ Rev. Olive Wraight

Page 12  What is The New Age?   ~ Sandy Stevenson

Page 14   2018 Phases of the Moon

Page 15  A Loving Tribute To Rev. Bill Van Den Berg 

Page 16  Triple Clairvoyance Demonstration by Gordon Higginson,

                                        Mary Duffy and Stephen O’Brien : Psychic News 1983

Page 17  A Suicidal Widow Bares Her Sorrow ~ Brother John, Psychic News 

Page 18  The Secrets of Life ~ Stuart Wilde

Page 20  A Loving Tribute To Ivy Power, Spiritual Medium

Page 21  ‘Death’s Offering Is Life’, plus ‘Celebrate Everything!’

                                                                         ~ Sa Silvano, ‘Pearls from the Heart’

Page 22  Channelling and Truth ~ Archives of Jackie Lindsay

                 Wisdom from Eckhart Tolle

Page 23  Crossword No. 83 ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell

Page 28  A Loving Tribute to Frank Weaver, Recorder of Avatar

Page 29  Wisdom from An Avatar (Pt. 80)  ~ Bethesda

                                                                              Courtesy of Frank Weaver    

Page 31  The Eternal Link ~ Teachings of Silver Birch

Page 32  Comfort for the Bereaved ~ James Van Praagh

Page 34  Emotional Awareness ~ Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

Page 35  Humour Page : ‘Meanings of Some Words’ plus more jokes

Page 36  Outlets where Universal Mind Magazines are available for sale