February 2017 Issue 209

Page  3      Understanding Your Astrological Social Life and Friends

                    Friendship with Aquarius & Pisces    : by Norvell

Page  4     You Are The Way-Showers ~ Alec Christos Gabbitas

                   Ley Lines  

Page  6     Through The Eyes of a Healer ~ M.H. Tester

Page 7      ‘Clearing The Way’  ~ Eric Dowsett

Page  8     Planetary Theme for the month of February ~ Gavin Greive

Page 9     Zodiac Signs & Their Crystals: Aquarius & Pisces ~ Adam Barralet

Page 10   Profile on Maryanne Butler &

                                   ‘Secrets To Living An Extraordinary Life’

Page 12   Ruby’s Spirit Messages ~  Jackie & Jim Lindsay

Page 13   Quantum Consciousness ~ Michael Tcherne

Page 14   Ancient Secrets of the Great Giza Pyramid ~ Jean Mars

Page 16   Astrology Goes On Trial : Evangeline Adams

                                                                                      ~ Rochelle Gordon

Page 17   ‘The Mars Effect’ ~ Reader’s Digest Almanac of the Uncanny

Page 18  Not A Hit And Miss Universe ~ Sandy Stevenson

Page 22  An Ageing Father, A Daughter, and a Dog…

~ A poignant but heartfelt story

Page 23  Wisdom from Socrates

Page 24  On Waking Up ~ Anthony De Mello S.J.

Page 28   Wisdom from An Avatar (Pt. 69)  ~ Bethesda…

                                                                            Courtesy of Frank Weaver 

Page 30   Reincarnation Memories?

                                     ~ A selection of Children’s past life memories

Page 32     Comfort For The Bereaved ~ James Van Praagh

                          Excerpts from ‘Watching Over Us’  ISBN 978-84604-192-1

Page 34     Crossword No. 72 ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell

Page 35     Humour: “Kitty Etiquette’  plus more jokes…

 Page 36   Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale…