February 2021- Issue 253

Page  3   ‘Why On Earth’ Ancient Wisdom through White Eagle’s teaching  by Joan Hodgson

Page  4  The Amazing Sixth Sense of Animals ~ Kay Hensworth, Armadale WA

Page  6  Understanding Numerology: Life Path 3 ~ Chris Lambert, Mt. Hawthorn WA

Page  8  A Tribute to Celebrate the Life of Lawrie Ingham, Armadale WA

Page 10  ‘Love Breaks Down All Difficulties’ A Family Story~ from the Jackie Lindsay Archives

Page 12  A Great Lesson Of Life ~ Courtesy of Sandy Stevenson

Page 14  Spirit Healing (Pt. 15) The Story of Harry Edwards

Page 16  ‘Silent Tears’ Wise Words, plus excerpts from her Christmas Message, ~ by Rev. Olive Wraight, Bunbury WA

Page 17  Lost or Changing Direction? ~ Siovan Kelly, Yanchep WA

Page 18  Your Simultaneous Direction ~ by Luke de Graaffe, Elanora QLD

Page 20  Heartbreak Or Browbeat ~ Montgomery Kelly, Yanchep WA

Page 21  Wise Words About Our Body, and Depression ~ from Marion Lloyd, Albany WA

Page 22  ‘Sixth Sense’ (Pt. 10) Stuart Wilde ISBN 1-56170-501-2

Page 24  Wisdom from Anthony De Mello S.J. plus  Crossword No. 116 ~ compiled by Isabella Russell, Leeton NSW

Page 25  Everyone Has A Story: Judgement ~ Alec Christos Gabbitas archives

Page 28  Wisdom Of An Avatar Pt. 31 : Bethesda ~ Courtesy of the late Frank Weaver

Page 30  Understanding Earthly Changes ~ Channelled by Matthew Lewin, Website: thenewgoldenera.co.uk

Page 32  Life After Death (Pt. 1) ~ Neville Randall ISBN 0 552 11487 1

Page 35  A Humorous Look at ‘An Aussie Bloke’s Language & Meaning plus An Aussie Sheila’s + more jokes

Page 36  Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale….