December 2018/January 2019 – Issue 230

Page 3   White Eagle: The Magic of Christmas ~ Stella Polaris

Page 4   People in Your Life ~ Author unknown, courtesy of Lawrence Mathers                                 Wise Words from Sa Silvano                                                                                                                     An Ancient Blessing ~ Sandy Stevenson                                                                                     

Page 6   Love Relationships : A Message of Love from The Angels of Light                                                    ~ from the late Jackie Lindsay archives

Page 8   When You Think Life Is Hard For You :  A poignant Christmas Story                                                                     from Universal Mind archives

Page 9   A Spirit Interview with Michelangelo                                                                                                                                           Received by Patrick De Haan ‘The Committee”

Page 12    Your Questions Answered ~ Sandy Stevenson

Page 16    ‘From A Chrysalis’ ~ Excerpts from her first book, by Olive Wraight

Page 18    Poltergeist Island of Barra? ~ Alex Pearce, Scots Magazine

Page 19    The Ectoplasmic Materialisation of Animals by Franek Kluski                      ‘Mysteries of Planet Earth’ by Dr. Karl P.N. Shuker

Page 20   A Message of Hope From The Angels ~ Lorna Byrne 

Page 23   Amazing Tales of Ancient Times: The Medium of Endor :                                                       ~ Reader’s Digest ‘Almanac of the Uncanny’

Page 27    Living Without A Recipe ~ ‘Presence’ by Sa Silvano

Page 29    Crossword No. 93 ~ by Isabella Russell

Page 30   Comfort for the Bereaved ~ Cassandra Eason                                                     ~ Excerpts from ‘Families Are Forever’ ISBN 1 85538 259 8

Page 31    A Child Arrives In Spirit ~ Excerpts from ‘Growing Up In Heaven’                                   ~ by James Van Praagh  ISBN 978184603024

Page 32    Wisdom of an Avatar  (Pt. 9) ~ Bethesda                                                                                                ~ Courtesy of the late Frank Weaver

Page 36    UFO Case Files of Scotland:  ~   Malcolm Robinson                                                                    ~  ISBN 978-0-244-912789

 Page 39  Humour: Children’s Replies ‘What Does Love Mean?’ + more jokes…

 Page 36 Outlets where Universal Mind Magazines are available for sale