December 2014/January 2015 – Issue 187

Page 3       What Astrology Can Do For Your Life ~ Norvell

                         Your Sagittarius Child   :   Your Capricorn Child

Page      The Sword Of Truth ~ Alec Christos Gabbitas

                   The Stranger ~ A poignant story

Page 6      Power and Totem Animals ~ Adam Barralet

Page 8     Christmas Concert ~ Tim Madigan 

Page 10   ‘A Message of Hope from the Angels’ ~ Lorna Byrne

Page 12   The Sneeze ~ An Inspirational Spiritual Uprising in Nova Scotia

                        + Balance Work, Rest & Play (Oracle of the Bones)

Page 14    Spiritual Philosophies ~ Rev. Glenys Hay, Warnbro Aquarian WA

Page 15    Gems of Wisdom ~ Jackie Lindsay

                   Letters to the Editor : Joyce Williamson & Margaret Mills

Page 16    White Eagle’s Teaching:  Death And The Hereafter

                                                              ~ Joan Hodgson

Page 18    The Healing Power of a Dog’s Treasures

                    ‘All Pets Go To Heaven’  ~ Sylvia Browne

                   ‘Angel Pets’  ~ Magrit Coates

Page 20   Touched By Angels ~ Cassandra Eason

Page 22   Crystals & Gemstones

                        ~ Adam Barralet, ‘The Blue Budha’, Perth WA

Page 23   Profile on ‘Crystal Connections’ book, by Adam Barralet    

Page 24   Healing With The Angels : Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Page 28   White Eagle Sayings & Affirmations :

                            Sagittarius Soul Lesson and Capricorn Soul Lesson

Page 30   Comfort For The Bereaved : ‘Beyond Grief’ ~ James Van Praagh

                             ‘When Sorrow Comes’ ~ Silver Birch Teachings

 Page 32    St. Germain : Tribute To Nelson Mandela ~ Through Susan Leland

 Page 33    Spiritual Philosophy : ‘You Can Change The World’

                            from Rev. Bessie Height, Narrogin WA 

Page 34    Scottish Ghost Stories:  More Hauntings of Glamis Castle (Pt 2/2)

 Page 35   Crossword No. 50 ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell & Jessie Naudi

Page 36   Wisdom From An Avatar (Pt. 47)  : Bethesda

                                                                                Courtesy of Frank Weaver  

 Page 38   Extra Humour ‘Out of the mouths (or pencils) of children… 

Page 39     Humour Page:  ‘Complaints received by ‘Thomas Cook Vacations’

                                    from dissatisfield customers   plus more jokes…

Page 40    Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale….