August 2012 – Issue 161

Page 3    Heaven Letters ~ Gloria Wendroff

Page 4    Nice And Easy Does It ~ Alec Christos Gabbitas

Page 6    Experience, The Greatest Teacher ~ ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ by

                                                             Chris Gardiner  (Courtesy of Jackie Lindsay)

Page 8    Crystals and Gemstones ~ Adam Barralet,

                                                                          ‘The Blue Budha’  Warwick

Page 10     The Night I Met My Guardian Angel ~ Suzanne O’Brien

Page 12     The Myth of the 8-Hour Sleep ~ Stephanie Hegarty, BBC

Page 14    AA Michael: You Are Indeed Not Alone ~ Ron Head

Page 15    Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening ~ Karen Bishop

Page 17    Crossword No. 24 ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell & Jessie Naudi

Page 18    ‘Until We Meet Again’ ~ Watching Over Us, by James Van Praagh

Page 19     A Loving Tribute To Simone Duffy ~  Editor Jan Cartwright

Page 20    Building Healthy Relationships ~ ‘Oracle of the Bones’,

                                                                                                         by Claire O’Neill 

Page 21    Be As Free As The Wind, In The Ascension Process

                                                                                                           ~ Edward O’Le-An

Page 22    Wisdom From An Avatar (Pt. 21)

                                                     ~ Bethesda, Courtesy of Frank Weaver

Page 28     A Man Who Went To Mars  (Pt. 1) ~ Morgan Kochel

Page 31     W.T. Stead: The Great Educator: ‘The Blue Island’ ~ Website

                                              Experiences of a New Arrival Beyond The Veil (Part 3)

Page 34     Lightstream – August 2012 Alexandria Walsh-Roberts

Page 35     A Humorous Look at ‘Mama’s 95th Birthday Gifts’ plus more….

Page 36     Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale…