April 2016 – Issue 200

Page  3      Understanding Your Own Astrological Traits : by Norvell    

                                                               Aries Traits & Taurus Traits

Page  4     See Only The Bigger Picture ~ Alec Christos Gabbitas

Page  6     Not Mystical, Just True, + I Yearn For The Sacred

                                                                                  both by Steve Beckow

Page 8      Crystals and Gemstones  ~ Adam Barralet       

Page 10    Detach from Outcomes ~ Sandy Stevenson

Page 12   Gems of Spiritual Wisdom ~ Jackie & Jim Lindsay

Page 13   Amazing Intelligence of Birds ~ Olive Wraight

                 White Eagle Sayings and Affirmations, Aries & Taurus

Page 14   Pets Predict ~ Excerpts from ‘Angel Pets’ by Margrit Coates

Page 16   The Miracle and Joy of saving Twin Koalas

~  Sent Courtesy of Sandy Stevenson

Page 17   Wisdom of the Australian Animals : Koala

                                          ~ Ann Williams-Fitzgerald and Karen Osborn

Page 18   The Role Pets Play In Our Lives

~ Excerpts from ‘Your Soul’s Gift’ by Robert Schwartz

Page 21   Ailments of the Famous Dead, re-diagnosed by Dr. Jock Murray

                                         ~ Parker Barss Donham, Reader’s Digest July 1990

Page 22   Wisdom from An Avatar (Pt. 60)    

                                                       ~ Bethesda, Courtesy of Frank Weaver 

Page 28   Never Work In A Job You Hate ~ Neale Donald Walsch  

Page 29    St. Germain Answers Questions ~ Excerpts from

                                          ‘Earth’s Birth Changes’  ISBN 0 646 13607 0 

Page 30    Understanding Akashic Records ~ Sylvia Browne

Page 31     Crossword No. 63   ~ Compiled by Isabella Russell 

Page 32    ‘Keeping His Promise’  Part 1/2

                             A Scottish Tale of the Supernatural, by Algernon Blackwood 

Page 35    Humour : ‘Some Humorous Signs’    plus more jokes …

Page 36   Outlets where ‘Universal Mind’ Magazines are available for sale…